Candles & Plants

Hand crafted non-toxic candles

I am Dorsa and I am an 11 year old Sydney student. I attend primary school and used lockdown as an opportunity to share my passion with others. Thanks for supporting my product &  business.

my candles

Every one of my candles are handmade so they all come with their unique imperfections, that is what gives them their charm.

Pearl candles

The one, the only, the first ever, Pearl Candles. Pearl Candles are my very own invention and consist of little pearls of wax. Pick your pearlescent colour of dye and simply pour it over the wax to witness this beautiful effect.


Shaped candles

Countless options for you to customise to your taste and style. You name it, we've got it. Whether it's a cute little teddy poodle or the 3 little piglets, our candles have got your back.

Jar candles

You can pick your jar, then your colour, scent and optional add-on. You can also pick little things on top, whether it is a little sun flower or a bar of chocolate - my favourite sugary sweet.


Wax Melts

Whether you want a handful of festive hand-crafted creations or just want some delicate beauties, these unique wax melts have got your back. Unlike the regular wax melts which consist of huge lumps of scented wax, I created cute little beads of shaped wax and you can add a little, or go crazy with them.

Custom Candles

Rather than deciding between limited options, I offer the option to customise your candle. Jar, shaped, melts, pearl, whatever it is, it can be customised. All you need to do is get in contact with me regarding the type of candle you want, and I will guide you from there. 

A story to remember

My name is Dorsa and I hand make candles. I am 11 years old and attend primary school in Sydney, Australia. Anyone who knows me, knows about my love and admiration of candles. I started Twilight Candles to share my passion for candles whilst providing an affordable and non-toxic alternative to candles for others to enjoy. My hobbies are rhythmic gymnastics, figure skating and soccer. In my spare time, I love doing all arts and craft activities, and spending time with my 2 dogs, Riley and Ziba. My favourite subjects in school are science and art class. I hope you like my candles as much as I do.

Holding a Branch

"These candles are so impressive. They are all so unique and unlike big corporations, they are all hand made. Not only this but every design has so many options. I love my purchases so much and would definitely buy again." 

Jane, Melbourne